V.I.K. Academy Preschool & Kindergarten French Immersion Programs & Daycare is a

Calgary preschool

that puts children at the centre of their education experience.

At V.I.K. Academy, we can provide a personalized Calgary preschool experience in bright and beautiful large classrooms while maintaining small group size.

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Our ProgramPhilosophy

V.I.K. Academy provides Calgary preschool and kindergarten aged children with developmentally appropriate activities that supports their quest towards independence, fuel their curiosity, encourage creative thinking, and contribute to their individual growth. It's a Calgary preschool with a difference.


Age AppropriateChildhood Education

Early Childhood Education plays an important role in preparing young children for their upcoming academic journey. At V.I.K., we believe that early daycare experience should be tailored around children's interest, be age appropriate, and founded on sound up-to-date research. Our Calgary preschool revolves around these tenets.

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At V.I.K. Academy, we believe that quality certified educators are essential. Our staff members are qualified, passionate, creative, talented, experienced, bilingual educators.

Our team is led by an experienced Master’s Level teacher who specializes in 21st Century Learning in the French Immersion Classrooms in Alberta. This specialization allows us to provide a Calgary preschool with a unique focus.

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Whats New

MIDNAPORE: AUGUST 11 & AUGUST 14   OKOTOKS: AUGUST 9 & AUGUST 16   WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND AN OPEN HOUSE SESSION AT ONE OF OUR TWO LOCATIONS AND DISCOVER THE V.I.K. ACADEMY DIFFERENCE.     Each location offers Quality Programs that targets the needs of its hosting community. We have a few spaces remaining at our Midnapore location, and are preparing for the Grand Opening of our Okotoks location.    PLEASE KINDLY RSVP TO YOUR DESIRED LOCATION. PLEASE INCLUDE THE AGE GROUP THAT INTERESTS YOU, AND WHICH SESSION YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND.    MIDNAPORE: Drop-in Visits SATURDAY...
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July 27, 2018
We are proud to announed that our MIDNAPORE location has reached FULL ACCREDITATION STATUS since June 2018. Accreditation is an Elective Process that aims to raise the quality of Child Care Services in all areas of its practice. There are six Standards of excellences which target Children, Classrooms / Planning, Families, Staff, Community, Evaluation/Improvmeent. Each standards are sub-divded in multiple objectives. After a long self-study process (8 to 18 months long), we receive the visit of a Validator, who spends 2 days on-site and evaluates all aspects of our operation. Accreditation S...
July 27, 2018

We hope that your children will begin their Educational Journey with us at our Calgary preschool