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Before becoming an entrepreneur, I had been a teacher for fifteen years. I loved it. I have taught at every grade level from Kindergarten to Grade 12. I initially graduated as a Visual Art Teacher; however, I found my niche in early grades education (K-1) where I have spent the greatest part of my career. Young children both fascinate and inspire me. There is something very rewarding about witnessing students’ love of learn developed before one’s eyes, day after day. Every year, I saw the same dynamic develop in my classroom and it went like this: the more interested in learning my students were, the more motivated I was to research and create inspiring and creative learning activities, to which my students responded with even more enthusiasm... It was a very positive cycle.

Throughout my entire career, I felt lucky that every student to ever be assigned to me happened to be motivated and willing to give me the best of themselves. It took me a long time to understand that the passion I was showing them played a role in how much they were willing and comfortable to push themselves beyond their own believed potential.

Being originally from Quebec, French is my first language. I have acquired English upon arriving in the West in 2000. Since then, language acquisition, bilingualism, multiculturalism, and the relations the latter have on the brain development has fascinated me.

Over the past few years, I have decided to combine all of those areas of interest into the pursuit of a Master Degree in Education with a focus on 21st Century Learning in the French Immersion Classroom, which I have completed in December 2015 at the University of Alberta.

This is when V.I.K. Academy was born. I wanted to create an Educational Centre for Preschoolers (JK & K) that would allow me to offer my passion for education at a larger scale, yet small enough to remain personalized. This centre is the achievement of my career in education. I hope your child will join me and become one of my Very Important Kids.




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