French Immersion
Kindergarten Calgary

Full Day Kindergarten

Alberta Education provides Educators with a curriculum offering guidelines for part time programs. Offering a Full Day program means that not only can we meet those requirements, we can also do so much more!

In our enriched Kindergarten program, there is still plenty of time for playing, learning to interact with others, moving, and resting. The extra time allows us to also work on the development of your child as a whole individual, introduce him to early literacy and numeracy, expand his French language skills, and create multiple learning experiences that place your child in a world of hands-on discovery.

The full day schedule also introduces your child to an artistic program, (arts, music, dance, drama) a physical development program (yoga, gross motor skills, out-of-school programs) and participate in a variety of field trips.

At V.I.K. Academy, we believe that small group size helps educators and children to develop a close relationship, which we know to be especially beneficial in early years. Our maximum ratio for this age group  is 1 adult for every ten students.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a full day Kindergarten program, please Contact us to arrange a visit or Register Now.