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French Immersion is a program that, by definition, aims to encourage the acquisition of French. However, old practices have influenced what people think French Immersion might look like in the classroom, or what they can expect from it. Here are a few facts. Feel free to contact our V.I.K. Academy Director for further information on the subject.

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No French background is required.

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Long term exposure is keyto acquisition.

French Immersion is a language acquisition program. Families are not expected to know or learn French, nor are they expected to practice vocabulary outside of classroom time. Bilingual children also find their niche in French Immersion environments as learning experiences are not limited to language acquisition.

According to researches, an average of two years of exposure to a language is needed to build a sufficient knowledge, vocabulary and confidence for an individual to begin expressing themselves in this language. Students will first develop their ear to the language, learn to navigate the added references, slowly expand their vocabulary, and eventually, take the leap towards verbal expression.

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F.I. is a programpromoting learning experiencesthrough French.

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Benefit children in theirlearning experience.

French is not the only learning objective of French Immersion. Children continue to be exposed to a rich and stimulating environment, seeking the acquisition of various fields of knowledge. The difference is that they are also exposed to two languages to help them interpret the world around them.

If French Immersion is not a long term goal for your family, you should still remember that brain development greatly benefits from being exposed to a second language. Learning a second language expands the mind in ways otherwise unachievable.



Modern educational philosophies promote the use of various approaches to stimulate development of multiple skills and the acquisition of knowledge. At V.I.K. Academy, we believe that Preschool & Kindergarten years should also allow children to discover their own learning preferences. This will help parents make enlightened decisions about their child's future school path. Here are some of the approaches we promote at V.I.K. Academy:

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Play-based learning & movement integration

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Discovery-based learning

For children, playing is a way of learning. It allows them a chance to reinvest their recently acquired learned skills and knowledge such as: language skills, social skills, conflict resolution, fine and gross motor skills, decision making and creativity.

Discovery-based learning is an educational approach that places children in “open ended” learning situations where children have a chance to make their own hands-on discovery. Children become active rather than passive learners.

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French Immersion

Academic learning


In preschool years, it is important to focus on learnings that will prepare children for their upcoming experiences and initiate critical thinking.

  Early Childhood Education


21st century learning is an internationally recognized and upcoming educational philosophy. Its premise is simple “What will children of the 21st century need to be successful in their future”. Its implementation has been more complex. Amongst some of its leading concepts we find two of relevance in this context:

  • Children should be placed at the centre of their learning experience;
  • Children should be encouraged to develop a series of life-long skills.

The Alberta Ministry of Education has articulated its Education Reform around the 21st Century Learning philosophy since publishing Inspiring Education (2010).

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Children at the centre of their learning experience

Early Childhood Education

Life-long skills (aka Cross Curricular Skills)

Activities are built around children's interests. The day schedule is based on their ability to focus and their need to move. Adults need to remain flexible and adjust to children.

Rather than only promoting the acquisition of a set of knowledge, this philosophy also encourages children to develop themselves as individuals through learning experience. Multiple models of cross curricular skills exist. Alberta Education currently uses the following list:.

  • know how to learn
  • think critically
  • problem solving
  • manage information
  • innovate
  • create opportunities
  • literacy skills (language & math)
  • communication and collaboration
  • cultural and global awareness
  • personal well-being

Does this approach to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten education interest you?

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